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Industrial Cleaning and Assessments

Guardian Chemicals has the experience and capability to clean and maintain both light and heavy industrial equipment. From hazard assessments and chemical consulting to hot tank titration and gear cleaning, we can meet virtually every need of your industry.

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Water Treatment Services

We offer a wide range of water treatment services, including metering, field consulting and lab analysis. Also, we provide chemicals to prevent corrosion and keep your equipment in optimal condition. Our consulting services play an integral role in the performance of any water treatment program. Guardian Chemicals' consultants can identify and address common issues with services like water treatment monitoring, inventory control and contingency plan development.

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Oil and Gas Production Services

When it comes to problem-solving in the oil and gas industry, there are no "off-the-shelf" solutions. The Guardian Chemicals team has extensive expertise and offers competitive field services, including program development and production enhancement.

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Plant Maintenance Services

At Guardian Chemicals, we understand that cost reduction is a primary goal for industrial plants. That's why we offer specialized services such as in-house deposit analysis and custom-designed, site-specific chemistry. This reduces waste and maximizes your ROI.

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Mining Services

We provide Traxol EP patented programs designed specifically for safely cleaning sag, rod and ball mill gears, as well as draglines, haul trucks, mining shovels and other related equipment. Our expert mill gear cleaning crews currently serve customers across the United States and Canada, providing the fastest, most comprehensive cleaning processes available. Reduce your downtime and waste product through leading-edge application equipment and techniques.

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Wood Product Services

Guardian Chemicals works in tandem with our research and development group to establish programs for pulp and paper, MDF, OSB, PB and plywood mills. Our proven services and problem-solving abilities improve the bottom line for all forest-related industries. Find expert services such as chemical safety training, specialized technical support and monitoring systems installation.

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Printing Services

Guardian Chemicals' team of experts and chemists offers ongoing services and support for the printing industry. Combining proficiency and technical services, we can help you improve print clarity with our PARAGON 517 fountain solution, which protects plates from corrosion and prevents gumming-up issues.

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Auto Wash Services

We offer a wide range of auto wash chemicals, including touchless presoaks, triple foams, waxes and drying agents. Our team of experts can talk with you about your specific business needs and help determine which products will satisfy your customers and maximize your investment.

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