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Scale Inhibitors — AQUAGUARD HR Series

Steam boilers and generators are particularly prone to developing scale on their heat transfer systems. This scale, whether calcium, magnesium or silica-based, will dramatically reduce thermal transfer, thereby increasing energy costs and decreasing production. As such, boiler descaling chemicals, like water scale inhibitors, are vital to keeping an operation running smoothly.

Scale is caused by the concentration of hardness ions (Ca, Mg) in the boiler water. If these ions are not properly controlled, they can form deposits and lead to corrosion or even tube failure. To prevent this, the incoming water should be treated with suitable scale inhibitors or antiscalants.

Guardian Chemicals Inc.'s AQUAGUARD HR series is a line of liquid scale inhibitor chemicals for boiler water treatment. Each product is designed specifically to control scale, sludge and corrosion in large or high make-up volume steam boilers. The AQUAGARD HR series includes the following:

  • AQUAGUARD HR1 — Formulated to control scale deposition in steam boilers
  • AQUAGUARD HR2 — Also controls scale deposition, but for larger steam boilers
  • AQUAGUARD HR3 — Controls scale deposition in larger steam boilers; specifically intended for food plant applications*
  • AQUAGUARD HR4 — Controls scale deposition in larger steam boilers, but with higher phosphate and lower alkalinity control
  • AQUAGUARD HR5 — A dispersing agent for scale inhibitors used in feedwater for steam generators

AQUAGUARD HR scale inhibitor chemicals have been formulated with ionic dispersants, alkalinity boosters, phosphates and phosphonates. These products will effectively tie up calcium and magnesium hardness to form a sludge that is easy to disperse. The alkalinity boosters ensure that boiler water pH is sufficiently high enough to complex with available hardness. AQUAGUARD HR scale inhibitors are not volatile — they will remain in the boiler water at all times and typically will not carry over with the steam.

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* Many of our AQUAGUARD HR series products are certified by the CFIA for application in food process plants