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AQUAGUARD 200 SERIES - Neutralizing Amine Corrosion Inhibitor and Oxygen Scavenger Blend for the Treatment of Steam Condensate Systems

Dissolved CO2 in the boiler feed water can lead to carbonic acid corroding the condensate return lines. This corrosion can lead to leaks, premature failure and iron in the steam boiler system. As such the addition of a volatile condensate treatment is required to bring the pH up and prevent corrosion.

Our AQUAGUARD 200 series are blends of neutralizing amine corrosion inhibitors and a volatile oxygen scavenger for the treatment of steam condensate systems. It provides effective neutralization of acid gases such as CO2 and contains a volatile oxygen scavenger that will scavenge any residual dissolved oxygen in the boiler or in the condensate system.

AQUAGUARD 200 series is designed for complex condensate systems.

AQUAGUARD 200 series contains neutralizing amines with low, medium and high vapor to liquid distribution ratios. The different amines will condense with the steam at various stages within the condensate system and consistently protect the entire system against attack by acid gas. AQUAGUARD 200 series has been designed for complex condensate systems but is a good choice for all.    

AQUAGUARD 200 series contains a volatile oxygen scavenger which will remove any residual dissolved oxygen in the boiler or in the condensate system. This oxygen scavenger is not intended to replace the deaerator or the sulphite treatment in the feed water pretreatment process. It will maintain a reductive potential in the feed water, steam, and condensate, and passivate
and inhibit the boiler, steam distribution system, and condensate return system. 

AQUAGUARD 200 series can be fed to the steam header, to the lines out of the boiler, to the condensate return tank or to the make-up water system. Since it is a blend of amines of various distribution ratios, it will carry through the entire steam system.