AQUATROL SERIES - Extend the Life of Your Glycol and Reduce Your Equipment and Maintenance Costs With Our Glycol Treatment Products - Guardian Chemcials

AQUATROL SERIES - Treatment Products for Glycol Systems

As the glycol degrades the acids formed reduce the “reserve alkalinity” of the glycol. The reserve alkalinity protects your system from corrosion by buffering it to prevent the pH from dropping. Systems that do not have adequate reserve alkalinity will quickly experience a substantial pH drop causing the glycol to become acidic and resulting in elevated corrosion to the system. Once this happens, the glycol is quickly contaminated with corrosion products resulting in the need to replace the glycol and clean the system. Depending on the severity of the corrosion other maintenance or equipment replacement may also be required.


The AQUATROL Series is specifically formulated with the corrosion inhibitors and reserve alkalinity boosters that your system needs to extend the life of your glycol and your system. The quality of the glycol in your system can be determined through regularly scheduled glycol analysis by our laboratory. From this analysis, the requirement for the AQUATROL Series and dosage will be determined to help you maintain peak performance, extend the life of your glycol and reduce equipment and piping failure.



  • Extends glycol life and reduces your overall chemical costs.
  • Protects the system from corrosion and reduces your equipment and maintenance costs.
  • Can be used in ethylene or propylene glycol systems.