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AQUAGUARD 840'S SERIES - Steam Boiler Treatments

The AQUAGUARD 840's Series utilizes an innovative formulation of film forming and volatile corrosion inhibitors, pH buffering agents, dispersants and cleaning agents to provide complete protection to the boiler and condensate system.

When the AQUAGUARD 840's Series is first introduced into the system, it will begin to form a protective monomolecular film while simultaneously cleaning the system, removing existing foulants.  This Series is designed for use in steam boiler systems with high makeup volumes and feed water pretreatment—such as those utilizing demineralized, RO or softened makeup water. 


  • Single product solution—fully formulated for complete system control eliminating the need for multiple product treatments.
  • Easy to use, monitor and control.
  • All organic treatment—does not contain molybdenum, nitrite, phosphate or sulphite.
  • Effectively treats the system feed water by buffering to the desired pH range to prevent corrosion.