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GREASEGUARD FOG - Fat, Oil & Grease Eliminator


Obstructions in sewer systems are often caused by fats, oils and grease. As these materials are not soluble, they frequently solidify on system surfaces, obstructing pipes and floats, reducing pump life in lift stations and ultimately resulting in sewer main backups and overflows. To prevent this, frequent inspections are required. When observed, hazardous, costly and time consuming physical cleaning is used to remove the deposits. Prevent this with the use of GREASEGUARD FOG!


GREASEGUARD FOG is a controlled release block containing a synergistic blend of microbes and highly selective enzymes capable of degrading fats, oils, grease and other organic waste.


GREASEGUARD FOG can be used to control deposits by placing in sewage ejector systems, septic systems and municipal lift stations. Continuous use of GREASEGUARD FOG will reduce the buildup or fats, oils and grease on system surfaces. This reduces or eliminates the need for manual physical cleaning and reduces overall maintenance requirements. The microorganisms present in GREASEGUARD FOG are Canadian DSL compliant, naturally occurring and non-pathogenic.



  • Simple, effective and cost efficient treatment!
  • Concentrated (4 billion colony forming units per gram of Bacillus sp.) blend of naturally occurring and non-pathogenic microbes.
  • Enriched with microbes designed to effectively degrade fats, oils, grease and other organic matter.
  • Formulated with highly selective enzyme catalysts for accelerated breakdown and elimination of fats, oils and grease.
  • Effective over a broad range of temperature (7 to 49°C) and pH (5 to 9).
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for hazardous, costly and time consuming physical cleaning and maintenance.