Dechlorination Chemicals: FREECHLOR Chlorine Scavenger for Water & Wastewater Dechlorination, Dechlorination Pucks from Guardian Chemicals

Dechlorination Chemicals: FREECHLOR Chlorine & Chloramine Scavenger


Potable water is continuously disinfected through addition of low levels of chlorine making it safe to drink.  Releases of chlorinated water may impact aquatic life such as fish, plants and other aquatic species.  These impacts may be significant, depending on the concentrations and volumes released.

In order to render the water safe for release and comply with local sewer use bylaws FREECHLOR should be used for dechlorination.

FREECHLOR is a solid puck that can be safely used to dechlorinate both water and wastewater. This product has been specifically formulated to release sulphite in a controlled manner using water soluble biodegradable binders rather than petroleum-based paraffin wax.  As a result, FREECHLOR effectively scavenges both chlorine and chloramine reducing their concentrations to levels acceptable for release without adding petroleum-based waxes to the water stream.  The controlled release also minimizes the effect of the product on dissolved oxygen concentrations in the water.  These properties enhance the aquatic safety when compared to other solid based products, uncontrolled powders or liquids.


  • Concentrated and effective chlorine and chloramine scavenger.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Formulated with biodegradable binders and not petroleum derived paraffin wax.
  • High activity (85% Sodium Sulphite).
  • Controlled dissolution rate to maximize product life and effectiveness and minimize effect on dissolved oxygen concentration.