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AQUAGUARD 819 - All Organic Corrosion Control (Aluminum)

Aluminum components are increasingly being used in heat transfer systems due to their energy efficiency advantages and reduced costs.  Aluminum however is easily corroded by conventional inhibition formulations and requires products capable of inhibition at lower pH values than those used for mild steel.

AQUAGUARD 819 is a revolutionary all organic treatment specifically developed to prevent corrosion and scale in systems with aluminum components.  Composed of corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants and buffering agents, which is ideal for closed loop systems.  AQUAGUARD 819 does not suffer from issues regarding waste discharge (heavy metal) or biological control (nutrient for bacteria), unlike molybdate and nitrite based treatments

AQUAGUARD 819 works by forming a unique protective monomolecular film on system surfaces.  During initial application, this film is formed while the product simultaneously cleans the system, removing existing foulants.


  • All organic blend for effective scale and corrosion control.
  • Ideal for systems containing aluminum or aluminum alloys.
  • Safe, economical and effective alternative to programs that utilize nitrite or heavy metal inhibitors such as molybdenum.
  • Environmentally friendly organic blend.
  • Will not contribute to microbial growth—not a food source.
  • Concentrated for cost effective use.