Corrosion Inhibitors: Prevent Corrosion With AQUAGUARD 110 Water Corrosion Inhibitor for Fire Water Systems - Guardian Chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors: Water Corrosion Inhibitor for Fire Water Systems

Corrosion in fire water systems can eventually result in the need to replace system piping and components. It may also result in a system failure when you need it most! AQUAGUARD 110 has been specially formulated for fire water systems to prevent and reduce corrosion and its detrimental effects on system piping and components.

AQUAGUARD 110 is a multi-functional corrosion inhibitor which acts in two ways to prevent corrosion. Its primary method of protection is through the formation of a self-healing thin film protective barrier on the surface of the metal. A secondary corrosion control mechanism occurs as a result of the increase of pH through the addition of AQUAGUARD 110 to the system.

AQUAGUARD 110 is safe to use, easy to handle, store and apply. In fact, the actives in AQUAGUARD 110 are commonly used throughout North America to inhibit corrosion in water systems.  These actives have been proven to be one of the most effective ways of controlling corrosion in water piping.