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Water Corrosion Inhibitors for Fire Water Systems — AQUAGUARD 110

Water corrosion can eventually result in the need to replace piping and other components in a fire water system. Without proper water corrosion prevention in place, the system could fail when you need it most. Guardian Chemicals Inc.'s AQUAGUARD 110 is a form of corrosion inhibitor water treatment specially formulated for fire water systems. It can effectively reduce water corrosion and its detrimental effects on system piping and components.

AQUAGUARD 110 is a multi-functional water corrosion inhibitor that acts in two distinct ways to reduce corrosion:

  1. Its primary method of protection is through the formation of a self-healing thin film protective barrier on the surface of the metal that acts as a rust inhibitor for water systems.
  2. The second water corrosion control mechanism is the increase of pH that results from the addition of AQUAGUARD 110 to the system.

Additionally, AQUAGUARD 110 is a safe-to-use water inhibitor that is easy to handle, store and apply. In fact, the actives in AQUAGUARD 110 are used throughout North America for corrosion inhibitor water treatment. These actives are proven to control corrosion in water piping effectively. When formulated by Guardian, these corrosion inhibitors are at their absolute peak.

Reach out to Guardian Chemicals Inc. today if you would like to know more about how our water corrosion inhibitors can improve your fire water system — and keep it running so it's ready when you need it!