Aquaguard 505, 506 & 507 - Cooling Water Treatment

Open recirculating cooling systems repeatedly use the same water over and over again for cooling. While this significantly reduces water consumption over once-through cooling systems, recirculated cooling water requires unique treatments to prevent scale, corrosion  and microbial issues due to increases in temperature, residence time and dissolved solids.

AQUAGUARD 505, 506 & 507 have been specifically developed to tackle these challenges and keep your recirculating cooling system operating efficiently and effectively.  AQUAGUARD 505, 506 & 507 are formulated with a complex blend of polymers, dispersants, phosphonates, corrosion inhibitors and alkalinity controllers. This blend helps prevent the corrosion of steel, galvanized metals, yellow metals such as copper or brass and their alloys while also effectively controlling scale by dispersing any suspended solids and preventing deposition. All of this is achieved at low dosages .

Your Guardian Chemicals Sales Representative can help you address any microbial issues with our AQUAGUARD 600 series of products and recommend a feed rate specific for your system.