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Because of its general availability and low cost, water is the world’s most widely used heat transfer medium. In order to maximize system efficiencies, a comprehensive water treatment program is essential.

Closed Loop Water Treatment Chemicals

Closed recirculating systems are used for both heating and cooling in a number of industrial and commercial applications. Because these systems are considered “closed” to the outside air, there is very little make-up required. Typically < 10% make-up per year is considered a tight system. The main concern for closed loops is corrosion.

Corrosion inhibitors are designed to form a magnetite protective layer on the mild steel system piping protecting it from corrosion. Yellow metal corrosion inhibitors are also essential to protect valves, fittings and monitoring equipment found in closed loops.

The main treatment program is corrosion inhibitors. This is not to say that closed loops can’t suffer from deposition of corrosion products which are 10 times the size of the metal that they come from. That is why it is also important we incorporate dispersant technology in all our corrosion inhibitors. In this way any suspended solids are transported to bypass filters and removed from the system before they get a chance to deposit in low flow areas.

Microbiological contamination may also occur as the system breathes through pump seals and expansion tanks and system make-up. The system should be closely monitored for tell tail signs that a bacterial contamination has occurred.

Guardian Chemicals main focus and objectives of our closed system water treatment programs are:

  • To keep heat transfer equipment as clean as possible in order to maximize water flow and heat transfer efficiency, and to protect the equipment and associated piping from corrosion deposition and microbiological contamination.
  • To help our clients conserve water and heat, reduce fuel and power consumption, and to meet or surpass all applicable environment and water quality regulations.
  • To accomplish results in the most technically appropriate, safe, and cost-effective way possible for our customers.

Guardian offers:

  • Full line of corrosion inhibitors options designed to protect the entire system including “all-organic” treatment programs
  • Onsite service program
  • Guardian manufactured reagents and test kits
  • Filters, and all related chemical feed equipment
  • Complete laboratory analysis
  • Closed loop cleaners for systems and heat exchangers
  • Glycol, inhibitors, reserve alkalinity treatments and testing
  • New construction pre-operational cleaning and system commissioning