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Biocides & Oxidizing Agents — AQUAGUARD 600 Series

The AQUAGUARD 600 Series of products from Guardian Chemicals Inc. includes microbiocides and biodispersants in both non-oxidizing and oxidizing biocide forms. The oxidizing chemicals include chlorine, bromine and non-halogen (peroxide) based oxidizers. The microbiocides have a broad range of antimicrobial properties which make them very useful sanitizers, disinfectants, slimicides, bactericides, fungicides and algicides.

These products are successful for a wide variety of industrial and commercial biocide water treatment applications. For a highly effective biocide, cooling tower and recirculating cooling water systems greatly benefit from AQUAGUARD 600 products. Other applications include the following:

  • Influent water systems and cooling ponds/lagoons
  • Industrial water scrubbing systems and air washers
  • Heat exchange water systems and evaporative condensers
  • Wastewater systems
  • Other service/auxiliary water systems

Some 600 Series products also carry registration that allows their use as biocide water treatment for processing systems of pulp, paper and paperboard manufacturing mills. Others have proven efficacy to control microbial populations, particularly noxious, toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria, known as sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB). These biocides and oxidizing agents are also used in production water for a variety of oilfield applications, including secondary/enhanced oil production, well completions and workover/stimulation fields, as well as petroleum transport (pipelines), storage systems and surface equipment.

Some of the AQUAGUARD 600 Series biocide products and oxidizing chemicals can also function as preservatives in metalworking fluids, water-based coatings and pigment and filler slurries in paper and paperboard manufacturing. They also have general applications in in-can preservation of industrial and consumer products.

AQUAGUARD 600 and 604 offer non-oxidizing microbial control. If you need more information about our oxidizing agents and biocides, please contact Guardian Chemicals today.