Guardian Chemicals - Industrial Chemical Products List

AQUAGUARD 910 - Acid Cleaner, Scale Remover & Neutralizer

Scale buildup causes flow restrictions and reduced heat transfer efficiency, resulting in increased system maintenance and costs.  Eliminate scale and the problems it causes by thoroughly cleaning your system with AQUAGUARD 910!

AQUAGUARD 910 is specially formulated with a non-fuming natural organic acid base for optimal performance and safe use.  AQUAGUARD 910 is ideal for removing calcium based scale deposits frequently encountered in water systems, especially difficult to remove calcium phosphate.  Where more complex scales exist, a combination of Guardian Chemicals acid cleaners may be required.  Your Guardian Chemicals Representative can assist you in analyzing the deposit and determining the best solution for your system.


  • Fast acting and effective.  Product starts to work instantly upon application.
  • Concentrated for cost effective dilutions.
  • Highly effective on calcium phosphate scale.
  • Natural organic acid base is safer to use than hydrochloric acid alternatives.
  • Acceptable for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Non fuming and Non foaming.
  • Built in corrosion inhibitors to prevent corrosion of base metal during cleaning.
  • Does not contain chlorides.