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Industries Served

At Guardian Chemicals, it is our mission to set the standard for quality in all the industries we serve. We combine ethical innovation in our water treatment products with industry-leading expertise and technical service to create lasting supplier partnerships with our clients. It's what has made Guardian Chemicals a leading specialized water treatment chemical manufacturer and supplier.

Water Treatment Products & Services You Can Trust

Serving Western Canada and select markets worldwide, Guardian Chemicals offers an extensive lineup of water treatment chemicals, process and wastewater treatment products, reagents and related equipment that serves the needs of a large and very diverse clientele.

In addition to water and wastewater treatment chemicals, Guardian Chemicals Inc. provides lab analysis, field consulting services, metering and process equipment, water treatment controller products and site services from the best-trained technicians in the industry. Our water treatment services also include on-site training and servicing contracts to ensure your systems are operating under optimal conditions.

Our extensive product line includes highly effective scale and corrosion inhibitors, micro-biocides, dispersants and flocculants, as well as cleaning and descaling water treatment chemicals. Guardian’s Aquaguard products, combined with site service offered by certified water treatment technologists, will help maintain operational efficiency and performance.

Steam boilers are used across a wide range of industries. Guardian offers a large variety of heating water treatment chemicals, including those for utility steam boilers. From powders to complex liquid formulations, we provide what it takes to get the job done right. Guardian can also supply all the water treatment equipment necessary to automatically maintain the water quality of your boilers.

Guardian Chemicals provides essential cooling chemistries and related equipment for your cooling tower needs. We offer non-oxidizing and oxidizing biocides, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, pumps and conductivity controllers for once-through cooling systems, recirculating cooling systems and chilled water treatment loops. Trust us for your water treatment chemicals and equipment requirements.

Closed recirculating systems are used for both heating and cooling in a number of industrial and commercial applications. Because these systems are considered “closed” to the outside air, there is very little make-up required. The main concern for closed loops is corrosion. At Guardian, we work to clean and maintain your vital heating and cooling systems through our safe and cost-effective water treatment services.

Guardian manufacturers effective water treatment chemicals to clean any system that requires degreasing, scale removal or bioactivity removal. We not only provide the best water treatment chemicals, but also unparalleled service programs offered by certified water treatment technologists to ensure the highest quality of cleaning and maintenance.

Whether you are looking for chlorine scavenging, suspended and dissolved solid treatments, polymers, flocculants or hydrocarbon reverse emulsion technology, Guardian Chemicals Inc. can help. As a water treatment chemical manufacturer and supplier, we are proud to deliver unsurpassed products and highly skilled field and lab services for clients in the industry.

Ethical Water Treatment Products and Services

At Guardian Chemicals, we are proud to develop safe water treatment products that not only meet but exceed industry expectations and standards. It is all part of our focus on quality. Our mission is to continually improve and evolve our water treatment services and products based on our customer's needs. Our commitment to the environment, as well as the health and safety of our customers and staff, is what drives our proactive approach to develop water treatment chemicals you can trust.