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PARAGON 517 Fountain Solution Chemistry

PARAGON 517 was developed using the latest technology in fountain solution chemistry.  With changing needs in the market, this product was also developed with the cost-conscious customer in mind.  This product utilizes a high performance and VOC-free fountain solution designed to use water more efficiently for high speed Web Offset Printing. 

This technology improves print clarity and maintains the cleanest possible background at neutral pH.  This results in sharper colors and halftones as well as lower overall water settings to maintain optimum ink and water balance. 


  • Improved print clarity and clean print background.
  • Sharper colors and halftones.
  • Strong buffering to maintain neutral pH and avoid interference between the fountain solution, ink, printing plates and paper.
  • Neutral pH also eliminates press corrosion.
  • Protects press plates by covering the background.  No gumming.  Quick, clean startup can be achieved even after extended stops.
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Preserved in concentrated form and at end use dilutions to prevent bacterial, fungal and algal growth.
  • Maintains constant water ink balance.  Excellent wetting of plates quickly establishes ink/water balance and reduces the tendency of ink to emulsify.