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Fountain Solution Chemistry

Guardian Chemicals line of Paragon fountain solutions uses the newest technology in fountain solution chemistry to create high performance and VOC’s-free fountain solutions. Our products are designed to use water more efficiently for low and high-speed Web Offset Printing.

Our chemistry creates improved print clarity and maintains the cleanest possible background at neutral pH when using both conventional or UV inks. This gives sharper colors and halftones to web offset print, while maintaining optimum ink and water balance with no corrosion to the press.

Our Paragon fountain solutions customers receive expanded operating windows, excellent buffering at neutral pH, strong plate protection with no gumming-up necessary, and low water settings with constant ink / water balance. This results in improved ink, web and folder control, improved fan out, and ultimately much lower operating chemical costs.

Our team of sales professionals working with our highly trained chemists will provide on-going support and solutions to any problems that may occur.

We service across Canada directly and, through our partners, worldwide in many countries.

Fountain solutions have been used for decades in the offset lithographic printing. They are water-based solutions applied immediately before or after the ink is applied to the printing plates. The components in fountain solutions are designed to ensure the ink will not adhere to the non-image area. A thin uniform film of fountain solution will quickly form over the non-image area surface to ensure the ink will only transfer to the image area. Without the protection of the fountain solution film, ink will quickly spread to both areas and the entire printing process would have to be stopped to clean the plates. Eventually the plates would have to be discarded and new plates prepared.

Today fountain solutions are used worldwide and experienced press persons are constantly struggling with the issue of fountain solution versus ink compatibility, and the alcohol or acid replacement issues. In an ideal world, one would have a fountain solution that was neutral, effective and completely compatible with all inks.

The Fountain "Solution"

Our PARAGON 517 has been designed as "neutral" fountain solution using the newest technology in fountain solution chemistry. It is a high performing, VOC-Free (Volatile Organic Compound) fountain solution that uses water more efficiently for high speed Web Offset Printing. The development of this technology has improved the print clarity and maintains the cleanest possible background at a neutral pH. It gives sharper colors and halftones and requires much lower overall water settings to maintain optimum ink and water balance.

Our PARAGON 517 has been designed so that a hydrophilic substance covers the background of the plate that will protect it effectively during the press stops, resulting in no gumming-up. This results in quicker and cleaner start-ups even after longer stops. By keeping the pH within the neutral range, this avoids any possible interference between the fountain solution, ink, printing plates and the paper, while providing corrosion protection to the press. Its excellent wetting properties to the printing plates quickly establish the ink to water balance and reduces the tendency of the ink to emulsify.

Conventional and UV Ink