SOURSOL - Hydrogen Sulphide, Mercaptan & Acid Gas Neutralizer

SOURSOL is a highly concentrated H2S neutralizer designed for rapid elimination of poisonous H2S gas. It acts to eliminate H2S and other acid gases through neutralization resulting in the formation of water soluble salts.


SOURSOL is also an effective solution for removing mercaptans. Depending on product dosage and mercaptan concentration, it has been proven to reduce mercaptan levels by over 95%. SOURSOL is winterized for use in all seasons. At cooler temperatures, it will become more viscous but remain fluid.



  • Reacts rapidly to neutralize H2S, CO2 and other acid gases
  • Capable of significantly reducing mercaptan levels
  • Winterized to below –35°C
  • Highly concentrated for maximum efficiency
  • Economical
  • Water soluble
  • Forms water soluble by-products
  • Formaldehyde free