HCL Inhibitor: Concentrated High Temperature Hydrochloric Acid Inhibitor for Acid Corrosion on Metal Surfaces - Guardian Chemicals

HCL Inhibitor: High Temperature Hydrochloric Acid Inhibitor


HCL ACID INHIBITOR is a concentrated inhibitor blend designed to inhibit hydrochloric acid corrosion during acidizing. It contains a highly effective combination of surfactants, solvents and dispersants that enables it to provide corrosion protection in hydrochloric acid at temperatures up to 177°C.


HCL ACID INHIBITOR works to reduce the corrosive attack by hydrochloric acid on metal surfaces. It does this by diffusing from the bulk solution to the metal surface and adsorbing onto the surface creating a protective film to limit the contact of the acid with the base metal. It has been designed with health and safety in mind as it has a high flashpoint, is not regulated by TDG and contains no propargyl alcohol a highly flammable and toxic chemical that is often a component of other acid inhibitor products.



  • Provides corrosion protection in Hydrochloric Acid up to 177°C
  • Excellent dispersion in acid solutions for effective inhibitor distribution and corrosion protection
  • Corrosion protection for up to 24 hours
  • Extremely concentrated for cost effective dilution
  • Does not contain propargyl alcohol and has a high flash point
  • Not regulated by TDG