D-SILT - Cationic Coagulant

Produced water often contains suspended formation fines. These fine particles have the ability to coat filters preventing the liquid from passing through. This results in plugging and premature filter replacement. These fines also have the ability to pass through the filters causing plugging of the injection well formation face.


D-SILT is a concentrated cationic coagulant that binds these fine particles together making them larger and more easily removed by filtration, resulting in cleaner water, increased filter life and preventing formation face plugging. D-SILT is formulated as a year round product and is good to temperatures below -35°C.



  • Concentrated for economical use
  • Binds formation fines into larger particles easily removed by filtration
  • Extends filter life
  • Prevents fines from bleeding through filters and plugging of the injection well formation face
  • Use of D-SILT results in cleaner produced water
  • Freeze protected to below -35°C. for year round use