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Industries Served

Setting the standard for quality in all the industries we serve is our mission. We combine ethical innovation in our products with industry leading expertise and technical service to create long term, lasting supplier partnerships with our clients.

Plant Process Equipment, Maintenance and Turnaround Chemistries

Guardian Chemicals specializes in reducing the overall costs of maintenance and turnarounds. We have and continue to develop new chemical formulations and more effective field cleaning procedures. Our expertise and partnerships with our clients for their chemical cleaning projects ensure: safe and efficient cleaning, optimized equipment performance and improved production capabilities. Custom designed site-specific chemistry combined with accurate in-house deposit analysis greatly minimizes interruptions to facility production. By reducing volumes of waste water produced we provide cost control and maximum return on investment.

  • Exchangers, plate and frame, tube and shell cleaning programs
  • Fin Fan cooling foam cleaning process with our Green seal approved E-5 2009 series
  • Clean in-place and clean on-the-fly programs
  • Vessel cleaning chemistry, including LEL and H2S removal using our PURGE and SOURGUARD technologies
  • Specialty acid cleaners, REACT series, AQUAGUARD 925, ACIDEX and OXIGUARD
  • Surfactant additives, RED HOT METAL STRIP, and EXCALIBUR
  • Inhibitors and pacivation
  • ADDISOL LF heavy oil cleaning and circulation using emulsion chemistry
  • Dispersion enhancement and encapsulation using MOVE IT for oilsand and organic deposits
  • Iron sulfide cleaning with FERROSOL