Guardian Chemicals - Industrial Chemical Products List

PARATROL - Wax Dispersant

Deposition of wax and paraffins can negatively impact production, transportation and processing of crude oils.  Deposition can commonly occur in the wellbore and surface equipment such as flowlines, pumps, separators and heat exchangers.  This ultimately results in reduced efficiency and lost production.

PARATROL effectively disperses waxes and paraffins preventing deposition and dissolving existing deposits, helping to maintain optimal production rates.

PARATROL is a low foaming, concentrated blend of dispersants and surfactants in an aromatic solvent system.  Specifically designed to prevent wax and paraffin deposition, PARATROL keeps them dispersed preventing downstream plugging of flowlines and formations. This unique and innovative surfactant blend also enhances penetration of existing deposits aiding in their removal.

Not only is PARATROL effective, but its high flashpoint provides an added degree of safety over low flashpoint alternatives.  Where asphaltenes are also an issue, this product may be combined with ADDISOL for an effective dual treatment.


  • Highly concentrated 100% active formula.
  • High flashpoint (63°C TCC).
  • Aromatic solvent with innovative surfactant system for enhanced wetting, deposit penetration and removal.  Does not contain chlorinated solvents.
  • Will gradually remove existing deposits eliminating extra costs associated with paraffin solvents and hot oilers.
  • Keeps waxes and paraffins dispersed preventing deposition and potential system plugging and flow issues.
  • Product will not freeze allowing for year-round use.