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SWAB STIK - High Performance Gas Producing Stick for Dead Wells

Natural Gas wells with severe accumulations of liquid may reach the reservoir shut-in pressure causing gas flow and well production to cease.  At this stage, foaming chemicals alone cannot restore production as the well lacks the agitation necessary to create the foam needed to dewater the well.

SWAB STIK is a high-performance gas producing stick.  It generates the gas and thus agitation required for the foaming agent to dewater the well.  When used in combination with an appropriate foaming agent, this process will restore gas flow rates that have ceased as a result of water seepage in the well.  Each stick contains a highly active and efficient gas generating powder encased in a water-soluble tube.

For optimal performance, SWAB STIK should be applied in combination with one of Guardian Chemicals Inc. specially formulated foaming agents.  These include the ADF series and HYDROFOAM liquid foamers as well as CONDY STICK, HI’N DRY and KWIK STIKs.  Your Guardian Representative can help design a treatment program to address your specific needs.


  • Brings dead gas wells back to life!
  • Provides gas and agitation necessary for the foaming agent to effectively dewater wells that have ceased production due to accumulations of water.
  • Effective alternative to costly mechanical methods such as swab units, gas lifts and pumps.
  • Can be applied year-round.
  • Easily transported to remote well sites.
  • Easy to handle and apply.