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SANDBLAST - Combination Solids Dispersant & Foaming Agent

Over time the reservoir pressure in a Natural Gas well declines to the point where it is no longer sufficient to lift produced water droplets to the surface.  This results in the accumulation of liquid in the tubing leading to further drops in pressure and lost production.  Sometimes, accumulations of sand, silt, sludge or clay also occur.   If these conditions are left unchecked, the well will ultimately reach the reservoir shut-in pressure causing gas flow and well production to cease.

These problems commonly require treatment with multiple products.  SANDBLAST combines the power of a foaming agent and dispersant in one, allowing you to treat these issues with a single solution resulting in time and cost savings!

SANDBLAST is designed to remove accumulations of water, solids including sand and combinations thereof from oil and gas wells.  It can be applied using an endless tubing unit to remove existing accumulations or it can be fed continuously to keep the solids suspended, dewater the well and keep the well clean.

Batch treatments of SANDBLAST will alleviate these conditions resulting in an increase the production of gas from the well.  When fed continuously, this product will help to maintain the well at optimal production rates and extend well life.


  • Dual functionality—Dispersant and foaming agent in one!
  • Improves gas production by effectively unloading water from the well reservoir.
  • Effectively disperses solid deposits allowing them to be easily removed from the well.
  • Effective in hard or soft water areas.
  • The foaming agent is not affected by water hardness or liquid hydrocarbon (condensate).
  • Use reduces pollution by eliminating need for well blow down and gas venting while reclaiming vented gas to sales.
  • Contains biodegradable foaming agents for improved environmental acceptability.
  • Product will not freeze allowing for year-round use.