OILBREAK 100 - Demulsifier

Demulsifiers are often required to break emulsions and achieve proper separation of hydrocarbon compounds from water. Without adequate separation, emulsions can pose numerous process and potential waste disposal problems resulting in increased costs.


OILBREAK 100 is a specially designed demulsifier (emulsion breaker) formulated with proven high performing components proven globally in the oil treating industry. OILBREAK 100 will quickly and effectively break a wide variety of oil (hydrocarbon) in water emulsions resulting in immiscible water and oil phases that can be easily separated using a variety of processes.



  • Quickly and effectively breaks a wide variety of oil (hydrocarbon) and water emulsions.
  • Allows for effective separation and removal of water or hydrocarbon phases.
  • Reduces production water and disposal costs.
  • Winterized for effective use below –35°C.
  • Effective in wide variety of oil treating processes.
  • High flashpoint.