Dispersants | MOVE IT Plant Maintenance Process Chemical, Concentrated Liquid Solids Dispersant from Guardian Chemicals
Dispersants: Plant Maintenance Process Chemical - MOVE IT

MOVE IT is a concentrated liquid product designed to disperse dense packed sludge and silt deposits converting them into light, fluffy, non-adherent particulates which are easily removed from the system.  This product can be used to effectively loosen and remove these types of deposits in plant process equipment, oil and oilfield process piping and equipment, storm drains, sewer systems, cooling tower systems, closed hot water heating systems and other water treatment systems.  Removal of these materials results in enhanced fluid flow control, increased flow rates and improved heat transfer.

MOVE IT will also effectively disperse accumulated sand, silt and clay deposits encountered in gas wells, production and collection facilities.  Accumulation of these deposits can shut down well production.  Use can restore production in these applications and can also enhance production especially in low pressure gas wells.

MOVE IT-W should be used where a freeze protected (winterized) product is desired.


  • Formulated using innovative, non-toxic dispersants.
  • Not affected by foaming agents.
  • Effective in alkaline waters.
  • Effectively disperses clay, mud, silt and sludge.
  • Concentrated for cost effective dilutions.