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KWIK STIK - Natural Gas Well Foaming Agent

Over time the reservoir pressure in a Natural Gas well declines to the point where it is no longer sufficient to lift produced water droplets to the surface.  This results in the accumulation of liquid in the tubing leading to further drops in pressure and lost production.  If this were to continue unchecked, the well would ultimately reach the reservoir shut-in pressure causing gas flow and well production to cease.

KWIK STIK is composed of a biodegradable liquid foaming agent in a water-soluble tube.  Designed to economically stimulate gas production from wells where produced water can adversely affect normal production rates, this product reduces the density and surface tension of the fluid allowing any gas produced to generate foam which is easily lifted to the surface.

Convenient to use, easy to handle and rapidly soluble, KWIK STIK is unique compared to other “soap” sticks.  Use has been shown to result in improved gas production rates, extended well life, reduced maintenance costs and fewer remedial well treatments.  This product is formulated using innovative surfactant chemistry allowing it to be effective in high brine and high calcium conditions.  KWIK STIK is also suitable for use in the removal of water from marginal oil producing stripper wells and can also be used for the removal of condensate (oil) if there is enough water present to create the foam necessary to lift it.


  • Fast action reduces treatment time compared to other sticks resulting in reduced downtime and lost production.
  • Improves gas production rates by effectively unloading water from well reservoir.
  • Easy to handle and apply.
  • Effective in hard or soft water areas and high brine and high calcium environments.
  • Eliminates need for well blow down and gas venting while reclaiming vented gas to sales.
  • Contains biodegradable foaming agents for improved environmental acceptability.