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HOTSOL - Asphaltene & Wax Contol

Wax problem? With HOTSOL we have the WAX-OFF solution! HOTSOL is a highly effective solvent degreaser capable of removing the toughest asphaltene, wax, grease and heavy oil deposits.  HOTSOL is specially formulated with innovative low foaming, dispersants and surfactants in an aromatic solvent system for enhanced deposit penetration and cleaning.

Not only is HOTSOL effective, but its high flashpoint provides an added degree of safety over low flashpoint alternatives. Its properties make it the ideal solution for your oilfield process cleaning needs!  HOTSOL may also be combined with the FERROSOL Series to deal with iron sulphides.


  • Removes wax deposits that restrict flow and production, increasing well revenue.
  • Highly concentrated 100% active formula allows for cost effective dilutions, reducing user costs.
  • All-in-one formulation capable of removing wax, asphaltenes, grease and heavy oil.  Reduces the need for multiple products and overall application and cleaning time.
  • High flashpoint (63oC TCC) for enhanced user safety.
  • Aromatic solvent degreasers with innovative surfactant system for enhanced wetting, deposit penetration and removal.  Does not contain harmful chlorinated solvents.
  • Effective dispersant.  Will prevent re-deposition of asphaltenes and other materials within the system during the cleaning process.
  • Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates. (NPEs)
  • Can combine with other Guardian products for a complete system including chemicals for H2S, LEL, and iron sulphide removal.
  • Will not freeze.