Oilfield Production Chemicals | Gas Well Foaming Agents, Sand Dispersants, Paraffin Inhibitors and Asphaltene Chemistries from Guardian Chemicals

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Oilfield Production Chemicals: Maintain and Increase Oil Well Production

Gas Well Foaming Agents, Sand Dispersants, and Specialty Stick Chemistries

Liquid loading occurs naturally in producing wells resulting in a sudden decline in production, loss of flow, and changing pressures in casing, tubing, and production lines. In many field situations, further bottom hole pressure reductions caused by solids accumulation result in reduced ability to carry produced liquids to the surface.

Guardians extensive lineup of low carryover foaming agent liquids such as our ADF series, along with dispersants like our exclusive MOVE IT, along with the largest variety of Sticks manufactured by any chemical company have your needs covered. This is not a sideline or add-on to us but rather a core area of surfactant chemistry we have researched and developed continuously to remain at the leading edge of technology.

Depending on your unique production needs, Guardian products can be applied in a variety of methods,
such as through batch treatments, continuous injection down the backside of wells, via a capillary string or dropped sticks by your well operators.

Wax Chemistries

When the temperature of produced fluids falls below the wax appearance temperature present in oil, wax deposits start forming. The crystals that solidify form deposits on pipeline walls, production equipment, and settle in vessels. Once accumulated in your vessels, tank bottoms and collection areas at fluid interfaces are formed. Wax deposition can rapidly produce plugs that will choke off production tubing or pipelines, increase pumping pressure, and dramatically slow down production.

Guardian Provides:

  • Wax crystal structure modifiers to prevent paraffins from forming a deposit
  • Solvents and dispersants which keep the wax solids suspended in produced fluids
  • Pipeline and downhole cleanout chemistry and mix design

Asphaltene Chemistries

Asphaltene molecules are present in most liquid oil and gas streams. They can easily be destabilized by acids, electrical charges, pressure changes and the combining of different production streams associated with oil and gas production. Once destabilized, they may precipitate and partition to the oil/water interface or adhere to the surfaces of piping and equipment.

Guardian’s Addisol and Addisol LF dispersant product series, provides proven unique chemistry to effectively control deposit accumulations in all related production areas. When combined with site-specific programs, regular testing and monitoring, the result allows our clients to operate with steady, trouble-free production levels while maintaining the integrity of your production and pipeline infrastructure.