D-SALT - Prevent and Eliminate Salt Deposit Formation While Increasing the Solubility of Salt in Water With This Organic Salt Inhibitor in a Glycol Solution - Guardian Chemicals

D-SALT - Salt Inhibitor and Solubilizer 

Produced water have your flowlines and treater tubes on a steady salt diet leading to deposition, flow restriction and under deposit corrosion?  

Cut out the salt with D-SALT! 

Salt has a solubility limit in water of about 35%.  The salt content of certain produced waters can approach the solubility limit and under certain circumstances become super saturated.  This most commonly occurs at areas of temperature or pressure drop or as a result of water evaporation.  Salt deposition results in flow restrictions and may also result in under deposit corrosion in flowlines or hot spots on treater fiber tubes, ultimately leading to failure. 

D-SALT is a proprietary blend of organic salt inhibitors in a glycol solution designed to increase the solubility of salt in water.  D-SALT can be used to prevent the formation of salt deposits and will also slowly dissolve existing depositshas been formulated with a glycol base making it an ideal product for year round use.


  • Increases the solubility of salt, preventing and eliminating salt deposits.
  • No deposit means no under deposit corrosion.
  • Glycol based formulation for year round use.
  • Concentrated for cost effective dilutions.