INHIBITOR STIK NF - H2S Corrosion Control

INHIBITOR STIK NF is a unique product designed specifically to prevent corrosion caused by H2S or dissolved sulfide (S2-), a common product of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) activity in oilfield production water and industrial water systems.

Each stick contains a non-foaming granular solid chemistry encased in a water-soluble tube that reacts with and destroys H2S, or more accurately, dissolved sulfide (S2-), in oilfield production water.

INHIBITOR STIK NF is available in two different sizes (Junior 0.76” x 15” and Small 1.23” x 10.5”) to accommodate various piping diameters.  Dissolution rate for each stick will depend on bottom hole temperature.  Generally, each stick will dissolve within a few hours.


  • Non-foaming chemistry.
  • Fast action; product is released quickly.
  • Safe to handle; packaged in sealed water-soluble tubes.
  • Easy to use; effectively gets the product to the problem area.