FERROSOL Series: Safe Non Oxidizing Product for Removing Iron Sulphide, Iron Sulphide Scale Dissolvers - Guardian Chemicals

FERROSOL Series: Iron Sulphide Dissolvers


The FERROSOL Series forms a stable, water soluble complex with iron sulphide and does not release foul smelling and poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas from the chelated complex. Once dissolved, the iron sulphide will not be re-release and will not cause water injection problems. Not only is the FERROSOL Series effective, but it is not formulated with oxidizing chemicals which often carry severe fire and explosion hazards providing an added degree of safety over these alternatives. Although it is extremely effective at removing iron sulphides, it is not capable of removing free sulphides or H2S. If these are suspected to be present, our SOURGUARD Series of products should also be added to the system.

FERROSOL is fully winterized.

FERROSOL SG is not winterized and will freeze if exposed to cold temperatures.



  • Dissolves black iron sulphide without releasing hydrogen sulphide from the complex.
  • Removal of iron sulphide, reduces system fouling and under deposit corrosion.
  • Prevents the formation of solids stabilized emulsions and associated treating and water injection problems.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Not formulated with oxidizers which often carry severe fire and explosion hazards.