Guardian Chemicals - Industrial Chemical Products List

ACID STIK - Downhole Scale Remover

ACID STIKS are specially formulated to dissolve acid soluble scales such as calcium carbonate removing them from these surfaces and carrying them off with the produced fluid. When applied downhole, a single stick will dissolve in 30 to 50 minutes releasing a highly effective acid descaler.


Use of ACID STIKS has been shown to result in improved production and injection rates, reduced well maintenance costs and fewer remedial well treatments. Continuous use can reduce or eliminate the need for conventional HCl acid treatments. As ACID STIKS are water soluble, they will also dissolve scale at the formation face in water injection wells where treatment may be desired. They are easily applied by field personnel whereas other alternative treatments may require the use of costly acid trucks and contractor labour.



  • Improves gas production rates by effectively removing acid soluble scale deposits
  • Continuous use helps to maintain optimum production rates and reduce or eliminate the need for conventional HCl acid treatments
  • Fast acting and effective acid descaler in a water soluble tube for ease of handling and safe use
  • Easy and safe to use. Acid is contained in a water soluble tube delivering the acid to the problem area and preventing contact with the user