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H2S Scavenger: Acid Gas Removal


Corrosion occurs where water and gasses are present. If properly untreated, corrosion leads to increased iron and manganese levels in your fluids and high iron carbonate or sulfide deposition in flowlines and pipelines.

Avoiding costly environmental failures, deteriorating equipment, as well as minimizing solids in your produced water which result in pressure drops and production inefficiencies, is the goal of all Guardian programs.

EZE TREAT - Scale & Corrosion Control for Oilfield Steam Boilers


In addition to very significant health and safety risks to workers, and surrounding communities, hydrogen sulfide is a highly corrosive acid gas that can drastically drive the PH of water down, causing severe corrosion. Hydrogen sulfide can also form as a result of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) that are present in process systems.

Whether you are looking to treat H2S in production processes, transporting sour fluids using scrubbers, or cleanup of H2S residuals during turnaround and shutdowns, our SOURGUARD products are designed to safely and irreversibly eliminate hydrogen sulfide.

Biological Contamination

Effective biological contamination treatment in oil and gas production systems requires field and laboratory testing, combined with the right products to determine optimal biocide chemistry. Partnering with our clients, we base our treatment programs on their system chemistry, design and operation, and fit programs to meet budgets and expenditure ROI’s.

  • Full analysis of system SRB / APB test data
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) / comprehensive water analysis

Iron Sulfides

Iron sulfide can be particularly challenging to production operations. It is detrimental to your operations due to plugging, corrosion, black water, and fouling of production zones. Guardian’s chemical technology, incorporated into our products like FERROSOL, effectively controls, cleans, and removes iron sulfide in a safe and very cost-effective treatment process.