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TRAXOL EP3 Thickened Solvent Degreaser

TRAXOL EP3 represents a revolutionary approach to cleaning. The thixotropic nature of TRAXOL EP3 gives it a unique advantage over other solvent cleaners allowing it to effectively adhere where applied, providing extended cleaning action and offering optimum extreme pressure lubricity. These properties eliminate the need for multiple applications and extended downtimes, resulting in reduced cleaning costs, reduced downtime and reduced production losses.


TRAXOL EP3 is unique thixotropic blend of naturally derived and hydrocarbon based solvents, penetrating surfactants, extreme pressure additives and thickening agents. This specialized blend is capable of quickly and effectively removing the most stubborn deposits including open gear lubricant, ore contamination, heavy oil, hydrocarbon and grease. TRAXOL EP3 is highly effective for a variety of applications including open gears, shovels, buckets and draglines. After cleaning, this product is easily removed using our DETRAX cleaning agent, rendering the surface clean and free for inspection, alignment, general maintenance or repair.



  • Thixotropic blend allows it to cling to vertical surfaces for extended cleaning action, reducing chemical application while saving time and money
  • Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural citrus and hydrocarbon solvents
  • Does not contain chlorinated solvents
  • Contains special additives to ensure proper lubrication and prevent wear under extreme pressures during the cleaning process
  • Proven and industry recognized product
  • Guardian Chemicals Gear Cleaning Specialists can perform the cleaning for you, providing onsite expertise, application equipment and trained personnel where requested. Call to place your order and schedule a cleaning