Traxol Gear Clean Program | Learn About Cleaning Gears While Lubricating With Environmentally Safe Chemicals from Guardian Chemicals

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Traxol EP: Gear Cleaning for Mining

There are many reasons that cleaning gears may be necessary in the mining industry, including:

  • Insurance inspections
  • Alignment checks
  • Ore contamination of the lubrication
  • Warranty inspections
  • Maintenance and repair

Issues arising from these gear cleaning projects include costly lost production time. In larger mills, downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour in product revenue losses.

The Solution — The TRAXOL Gear Cleaning Program

Guardian Chemicals has devised a solution to this problem — our TRAXOL EP® Gear Cleaning Program. In the past, gear cleaning used to take days … now, it can be completed within hours. By implementing our patented "Clean-On-The-Fly" process and using our specially designed TRAXOL EP cleaner, gears are safe from damage. As a result, cleaning gears doesn't cause harm or revenue loss — they're ready for follow-up work.

Why This Gear Cleaning Program?

There are many reasons why we suggest using TRAXOL EP for cleaning gears. First of all, the program was designed for the mining industry to clean draglines and sag, rod and ball mill gears. Additionally, the TRAXOL EP Gear Cleaning Program offers:

  • Environmentally safe chemicals that can be disposed of with your waste lubricant and contain no ingredients on the CEPA toxic list.
  • North American coverage and worldwide distribution - ship anywhere in a timely and affordable manner.
  • Safety for personnel and equipment - TRAXOL EP is all-organic and contains no chlorinated materials.
  • Fast and economical use - reduce downtime and revenue loss — a 34-foot S.A.G. Mill Gear can be cleaned in as little as 3 to 4 hours.
  • Ease of scheduling — just contact us before your shutdown, and the gear cleaning will be completed per your schedule.
  • Better performance - our thixotropic mixture is the only product available on the market with the ability to adhere to the gear surface in a "Clean-On-The-Fly" procedure

Along with all of this, the TRAXOL EP Gear Cleaning Program comes with our on-site expertise, application equipment, and trained personnel, where requested.

TRAXOL EP is just one of Guardian Chemicals' cleaning products for the mining industry. If you have any questions, please reach out.