PAVEGUARD PG Asphalt Release Agent | Order PAVEGUARD PG to Prevent Asphalt from Adhering to Equipment at Guardian Chemicals

PAVEGUARD PG: Asphalt Release Agent Prevents Asphalt from Sticking to Rollers & Equipment

Asphalt sticks right? Not if you use our PAVEGUARD series of products on your asphalt equipment.

Eliminate asphalt pickup which can easily ruin a freshly paved surface creating the need for costly and time consuming repairs and repaving with the use of PAVEGUARD PG. Polymer and rubber based asphalts are increasingly being specified for use due to their performance benefits over conventional asphalts. Due to the higher laydown and roll temperatures for these asphalt blends, conventional asphalt release agents fail to prevent sticking.


PAVEGUARD PG is an innovative solution specifically designed to prevent sticking of polymer and rubber based asphalt blends. It can also be used on conventional asphalt. PAVEGUARD PG is a concentrated, biodegradable asphalt release agent based on naturally derived renewable solvents. Compared to diesel fuel which has a negative impact on both the road surface and the environment, PAVEGUARD PG is more economical, environmentally friendly and offers superior performance.



  • Highly concentrated 100% active formula.
  • Economical. Outperforms, last longer and costs less than diesel fuel, canola and soy oils and water based lubricating soaps at recommended use dilutions.
  • Readily Biodegradable. Formulated using naturally derived solvents.
  • Forms long lasting, protective film that prevents asphalt from sticking to equipment.
  • Does not adversely affect the quality of the asphalt surface.
  • Concentrate is winterized to –12°C to allow for use during the entire paving season.