Gravel Road Maintenance | Find Crude Oil Tar Degreasers & Dust Suppression Chemicals for Unpaved Road Maintenance from Guardian Chemicals

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Dust Suppression Chemicals and Crude Oil Tar Degreasers for Gravel Road Maintenance

Guardian Chemicals manufactures a variety of options for road maintenance, ranging from dust control to pavement and asphalt solutions. Our road base stabilization products and dust suppression chemicals, along with other solutions, can handle both gravel and unpaved roads with ease. Read on to learn more.

Gravel Road Maintenance

Gravel roads can be tough to maintain. Luckily, we have some of the best solutions to deal with the asphalt and grease you will undoubtedly encounter.

PAVEGUARD PG is a proprietary, non-hydrocarbon, organic asphalt release agent for conventional and polymeric asphalts. This product family provides the following advantages:

  • Site-mixed with water to form stable emulsions
  • Concentrated for excellent release capabilities
  • High temperature evaporation resistance
  • Superior use cost to diesel or oil alternatives without environmental impact

TERRASOL is primarily a crude oil tar degreaser. PENTRAX removes a variety of hydrocarbon-based deposits and can also serve as a crude oil tar degreaser. Both of these products come in handy for gravel road maintenance, helping with:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Degreasing
  • Heavy deposit cleaning

Guardian also offers:

  • Specialty applications for laydown, conveyor and trucking
  • Winterized formulas for cold weather applications
  • Spray systems, including drive-through truck box spray technology

Unpaved Road Maintenance

Is unpaved road maintenance putting a dent in your budget? Are you regularly receiving complaints about roads with washboard, potholes and ruts? Is road dust control a major problem? Are your roads capable of withstanding the demands of heavy traffic and rural industries such as agriculture, mining and oilfield? Do you need a safe and effective dust inhibitor at your disposal?

Guardian Chemicals has the answer: ROADTEK, designed for both dust control and road pavement base stabilization,.

ROADTEK's road stabilization and road dust suppression chemicals are manufactured from 100% virgin materials to specifically handle deep stabilization of gravel as well as industrial and combined surfaces using millings.

This is a green dust suppressant that actually works! ROADTEK does not contain waste byproducts from the manufacturing of paint, biodiesel (glycerol) or wood processes. Plus, it is non-toxic to aquatic life and non-corrosive, unlike chloride solutions.

For your dust control and road maintenance needs, rely on Guardian Chemicals.