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ULTRA SOL - Solvent Degreaser (High Flash)

Heavy oil, bitumen, tar, asphalt and other hydrocarbon residues are often difficult to remove.  Solvents alone will generally do the job but may take some time to do so.  What if you could heat the solvent?  With ULTRA SOL, now you can!

Conventional solvent degreasers often have low flashpoints making them unsuitable to be heated due to flammability concerns.  Not ULTRA SOL!  With an ultra high flashpoint of over 61°C, this innovative non-emulsifying and non-foaming blend is suitable for heated applications at temperatures below its flashpoint.


  • Highly concentrated 100% active formula allows for effective cleaning and degreasing capabilities.
  • Versatile.  Effective on a wide variety of deposits.
  • Extremely low odour.
  • High flashpoint makes it suitable for use in numerous heated systems due to reduced fire hazard.
  • Innovative non foaming formulation suitable for use in circulating parts washers and tanks.
  • Non-emulsifying blend for easy recovery from disposal systems.
  • Does not contain harmful chlorinated solvents or nonyl phenol ethoxylates (NPEs).
  • Safe for use on painted surfaces when used as directed.
  • Not regulated by TDG.