SUPREX: Heavy Duty High pH Water Based Degreaser for Removing Hydrocarbon and Inorganic Based Soils, Hydrocarbon Cleaning - Guardian Chemicals

SUPREX - Water Based Degreaser (High pH)

High pH water based degreasers are often used as safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives to solvent based products. The high pH allows these products to effectively remove many hydrocarbon based soils including pitch, wood resin, light and heavy oils, carbon and more.


SUPREX is a heavy duty, high pH water based degreaser specially formulated with an innovative surfactant blend, water conditioning agents and caustic. This combination allows SUPREX to quickly and effectively penetrate and remove a wide variety of hydrocarbon and inorganic based soils. SUPREX is an excellent choice for removing invert mud, light and heavy oils and carbon.



  • Powerful cleaner designed to tackle the heaviest hydrocarbon based soils.
  • Highly concentrated for cost effective dilutions.
  • Excellent foaming properties for enhanced cling to vertical surfaces, extended cleaning time and reduced application and product usage.
  • Suitable for use through a steamer, foamer and pressure washer.
  • Phosphate free.
  • Does not contain toxic Butyl Cellosolve (2-butoxyethanol).
  • Free rinsing, SUPREX does not leave a residue.
  • Suitable for use in hard or soft water.