RESINEX: High pH Water Based Degreaser for Hydrocarbon Based Soil & Wood Resin Removal, Enhanced Chemicals from Guardian Chemicals

RESINEX: Water Based Degreaser


RESINEX is a complex formulation of wetting and penetrating surfactants, specialized performance boosting additives and caustic soda capable of quickly and effectively removing a wide variety of hydrocarbon based soils. This combination rapidly outperforms straight caustic soda resulting in a cleaner surface. It is especially useful in wood processing operations to remove wood resin from a variety of hard surfaces. In addition, RESINEX is high foaming to enhance its ability to cling to vertical surfaces, extend cleaning time while reducing application and product usage.



  • Powerful cleaner designed to tackle the heaviest hydrocarbon based soils including pitch, wood resin, light and heavy oils, carbon and more
  • Highly concentrated for cost effective dilutions
  • Sophisticated formulation of surfactants, performance enhancing additives and high caustic content for maximum cleaning performance
  • Excellent foaming properties for enhanced cling to vertical surfaces, extended cleaning time and reduced application and product usage
  • Does not contain toxic Butyl Cellosolve (2-butoxyethanol)
  • Free rinsing, does not leave a residue
  • Suitable for use in hard or soft water