PORTAFRESH - Eliminate Odour Source While Neutralizing and Masking Existing Odours With This Formaldehyde-Free Product - Guardian Chemicals

PORTAFRESH - Odour Eliminator, Neutralizer & Masking Agent

Some products mask odours but do nothing to prevent their return.  Others eliminate the source of the odour, but do nothing to get rid of the foul odour already present.  Take care of both the odour and the source with PORTAFRESH!

PORTAFRESH is specially formulated with advanced odour elimination chemistry to eliminate the odour source while neutralizing and masking the foul odour already present with a fresh CHERRY or WILDBERRY scent.

In addition, PORTAFRESH helps break down solids allowing them to be more easily removed and disposed while in turn leaving the system cleaner.  


  • Reacts rapidly to eliminate foul odour source.
  • Neutralizes and masks existing foul odours with fresh CHERRY or WILDBERRY scent.
  • Effective at low dilutions.
  • Formaldehyde free.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Deep blue non-staining dye.