FLOCPUCK A-30 - Flocculent Tablets for Water Clarification

 Need to remove dispersed solids from your system, but don’t want the upfront cost of a polymer dosing system and mix station? Looking for an easy solution?


FLOCPUCK A-30 are specially formulated using a high molecular weight anionic polymer flocculent and effervescent additive. When added to water, the effervescent additive will create turbulence, allowing FLOCPUCK A-30 to rapidly dissolve and self mix in the system, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming polymer dosing systems and mix stations.


FLOCPUCK A-30 will flocculate sand, silt, clay and other dispersed solids and minerals in waste water so that they settle out making it easier to dispose to the water without having a suspended solids (TSS) problem.



  • Clarifies water by dropping out dispersed solids making it more acceptable for disposal
  • Convenient and easy to use tablet form
  • Self-dissolving with an effervescent additive for easy mixing of polymer in system
  • Can be added directly to the system, does not require a costly and cumbersome polymer dosing system and mix station
  • Helps to prevent TSS issues with wastewater and potential penalties that may be levied by local authorities
  • Non-toxic