Guardian Chemicals - Industrial Chemical Products List

FASTEAM - Steam Cleaning Detergent

Steamers require specially formulated products to ensure high efficiency cleaning and prevent scale formation on the steam heating coils.


FASTEAM has been specifically formulated for this purpose. A unique formulation of biodegradable surfactants, alkalinity boosters and water conditioning agents, FASTEAM will effectively remove oils, greases, carbon, dirt, road film and other deposits from a variety of hard surfaces.


FASTEAM is effective in both hard and soft water and may be used in high temperature cleaning applications where desired. FASTEAM does not contain phosphates or caustic and is safe for use on soft metal surfaces such as aluminum.



  • Fast and effective cleaning performance. Suitable for high temperature cleaning applications
  • Highly concentrated for economical dilutions
  • Versatile. Cleans a wide range of industrial soils including oils, grease, carbon, dirt and road film
  • from hard surfaces
  • Does not contain Phosphate, Caustic or toxic Butyl!
  • Free rinsing, FASTEAM does not leave a residue
  • Completely soluble in water, will not cause system plugging or precipitation of hardness scale
  • Safe for use on various metallic, painted and aluminum surfaces