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D-REX - Thickened Solvent Degreaser

Still using prehistoric cleaners that continually need to be reapplied as they quickly run off, cleaning the floor instead of the intended surface. Tired of just throwing solvent degreasers against the wall to see what sticks? You need D-REX!


D-REX represents a revolutionary approach to cleaning. The thixotropic nature of D-REX gives it a unique advantage over other solvent cleaners allowing it to effectively adhere where applied, providing extended cleaning action. These properties eliminate the need for multiple applications and extended downtimes, resulting in reduced cleaning costs, reduced downtime and reduced costs.


D-REX is specially formulated with a unique thixotropic blend of naturally derived and hydrocarbon based solvents, penetrating surfactants and thickening agents. This specialized blend is capable of quickly and effectively removing the most stubborn deposits including asphalt, heavy oil, bitumen, hydrocarbon, conventional and synthetic grease. D-REX will actively work to clean the deposit until you rinse it off, allowing you to decide on the dwell time. It will effectively penetrate thick deposits and will cling to vertical surfaces for hours, not seconds like the prehistoric degreasers of old.


D-REX will reduce your overall chemical costs, cleaning time and waste resulting in cleaner equipment and less downtime!



  • Thixotropic blend allows it to cling to vertical surfaces for extended cleaning action, reducing chemical application while saving time and money!
  • Formulated with a proprietary blend of renewable natural citrus and hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Capable of removing the most difficult and stubborn deposits including asphalt, bitumen, heavy oil, hydrocarbon, conventional and synthetic grease.
  • One step cleaner proven to reduce costs, chemical consumption, cleaning times and equipment downtime.
  • Does not contain chlorinated solvents.
  • Formulated with biodegradable surfactants for environmental acceptability. Does not contain harmful APEs or NPEs.