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CITREX Cleaner & Solvent Degreaser

Looking for a non-conductive, evaporating, RESIDUE FREE cleaner?

CITREX is a 100% active solvent-based degreaser utilizing a proprietary non-conducting blend of citrus and aliphatic solvents designed to remove the toughest hydrocarbon deposits including oils, greases, and carbon.  CITREX will also displace moisture from surfaces being cleaned.

CITREX has been specifically designed for the cleaning of electric motors, relays, mechanisms and other equipment.  CITREX will not freeze and thus is suitable for use in all seasons.


  • Non-conductive and residue free.
  • Highly concentrated 100% active formula allows for effective cleaning and degreasing.
  • Contains a powerful and fast acting solvent blend.
  • Does not foam.
  • Does not contain harmful chlorinated solvents or nonyl phenol ethoxylates (NPEs).
  • Safe for use on painted surfaces and plastics when used as directed.
  • Product will not freeze allowing for year around use.