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BERRY NICE - Fragrance Additive & Deodourizer

Did you know that your sense of smell has direct connections to areas of the brain that are implicated in emotion and memory? Want to make your Customer’s next wash experience memorable and scentsational? Enhance it with the fresh wildberry scent of BERRY NICE!


BERRY NICE is specially formulated to provide a fresh wildberry scent to any of Guardian Chemicals water based detergents. BERRY NICE enhances the olfactory experience making your Customer’s wash pleasant and memorable. BERRY NICE can also be used to mask undesirable odours from a wide variety of systems.



  • Enhances wash experience.
  • Formulated with a fresh wildberry scent.
  • Highly concentrated for economical dilution.
  • Easy to use with any of Guardian Chemicals water based cleaning products.
  • Effective deodourizer for sump systems or other undesirable odour producing systems.