FLASHGUARD NLB - Prevent Flash Rust With This Biodegradable, Phosphate-Free and Concentrated Flash Rust Inhibitor - Guardian Chemicals

FLASHGUARD NLB - Flash Rust Inhibitor


You’ve just finished preparing various metallic components for paint and then you notice it—flash rust.

FLASHGUARD NLB is the one step surface preparation solution to eliminate contamination, salt and chloride residues and prevent flash rust.  FLASHGUARD NLB will effectively clean and degrease the surface and remove salt and chloride residues leaving the surface clean and ready for paint.  Ideally suited for use on aluminum, carbon steel, cast iron, galvanized and stainless steel surfaces, fiberglass and concrete.


  • Effectively removes surface contaminants including oils and greases, salts and chlorides.
  • One step surface preparation solution—simple to use and apply.
  • Residue free.  Your surface is clean and ready to prime.
  • Will not negatively impact the adhesion of coatings.
  • When used as directed, prevents flash rust for a period of 72 hours or more.
  • Readily biodegradable.
  • Phosphate free.
  • Concentrated for cost effective dilutions.