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Industries Served

Setting the standard for quality in all the industries we serve is our mission. We combine ethical innovation in our products with industry leading expertise and technical service to create long term, lasting supplier partnerships with our clients.

Hot Tank Cleaning: Acid Cleaning & Descaling Program

  • Complete program for hot tanks, typhoon washers, and specialty parts washers.
  • Re-charges, neutralization and disposal by qualified trained technicians, along with regular testing and optimization.
  • Hot tank chemicals for paint, rust, oil, carbon removal at low concentrations and minimal HSE risk including our RED HOT MAMA, RED HOT METAL STRIP and BOOST.
  • Typhoon wash products, ultra low foaming designed for safety on soft metals without sacrificing performance.
  • Acid cleaning, descaling.
  • Specialty pipe cleaning and inhibition.
  • Evaporating cleaners, brake clean and MEK replacements.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning chemicals.
  • Custom built hot tanks manufactured to any size and specifications.
  • Organic and high-flash solvent parts wash cleaners.
  • Galvanized metal corrosion inhibitor such as ZN Guard.