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SOFSTEAM - Steam Cleaning Detergent

When used in steamers, standard pressure washer soaps create precipitates which result in scale formation inside the heating coils.  This scale causes flow restrictions, reduces heat transfer and plugs the lines.  High Temperature Detergents are specially formulated for high efficiency cleaning, scale formation prevention and optimal steamer operation. 

SOFSTEAM has been specifically formulated for use in steamers. A unique formulation of biodegradable surfactants, alkalinity boosters and water conditioning agents, this product will effectively remove oils, grease, carbon, dirt, road film and other deposits from a variety of hard surfaces. It has proven successful in cleaning heavy equipment components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, differentials and other components that would typically be badly fouled with a variety of deposits.  SOFSTEAM can be applied in a variety of dilutions and will perform even at low feed rates where others will fail.

SOFSTEAM is most effective in soft water and may be used in high temperature cleaning applications where desired.  Does not contain caustic and is safe for use on soft metal surfaces such as aluminum.


  • Fast and effective cleaning performance.  Suitable for high temperature cleaning applications.
  • Highly concentrated for economical dilutions.
  • Versatile.  Cleans a wide range of industrial soils including oils, grease, carbon, dirt and road film from hard surfaces.
  • Does not contain Caustic.
  • Free rinsing, does not leave a residue.
  • Completely soluble in water, will not cause system plugging or precipitation of hardness scale.
  • Safe for use on various metallic, painted and aluminum surfaces.