Low pH Cleaner: OXIGUARD PLUS Acid Cleaner, Scale & Water Corrosion Prevention - Guardian Chemicals

OXIGUARD PLUS: Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner, Scale and Corrosion Remover


OXIGUARD PLUS is a highly concentrated low pH cleaner designed for removing scale and corrosion deposits. It is specially formulated with a hydrochloric acid base, surfactants, wetting and penetrating agents and corrosion inhibitors. These corrosion inhibitors help protect the base metal while OXIGUARD PLUS works to remove the deposit. It is a low-foaming acid, making it ideal for use in a variety of systems including boilers, hot water piping, cooling towers and refrigeration evaporation coolers. OXIGUARD PLUS is also suitable for turnaround cleaning. Its’ high strength makes it suitable for effectively removing even the heaviest hard water scales and rust deposits.



  • Versatile, fast acting and effective. Product starts to work instantly upon application
  • Built in corrosion inhibitors to prevent corrosion of most metal surfaces
  • Low foaming for effective application in a wide variety of systems
  • High strength quickly cleans and removes deposits, reducing system downtime, cleaning costs and labour